Communities and Charities

Communities and Charities

Community and Charities

The Scates Realty Team loves working and playing in the Central Florida Area – we call home!

With our agents in the Orange and Lake County communities, the area has allowed us to have an amazingly fun lifestyle and fruitful business environment. We are truly, very blessed. On occasions we are afforded the ability to raise our heads away from our phones and computer screens to take at the moment, “smell the roses” as they say, and realize the overwhelming gratitude, we have for the blessings we have received and the ability to share.

While we are a company, God and Family come first.  We strive to make a life for our families, provide food on the table and homes for our clients and customers, we’d be amiss, that while we have a cultural mentality of hard work payoffs, we have to remember that playing hard reaps for the body, mind, soul and our community.

We are proud of our participation throughout our community, professional duties, and a giving heart to continue to pay it forward.  Our charitable support is local to our hearts and reaches far and wide throughout Central Florida and their families affected.

Whether we run, swim, race, support a local school, boy or girl scouts, football or baseball, community events to raise donations or send food … we give off a joyful heart.  Our circle of giving is not to say look what we’ve done … but to say, look at what our small, close-knit community has accomplished.

Because of our Team, the Support of the continued business of our communities we have had the ability to continue to give and support back.

The words “Thank you” can never be enough…. It is a true honor and privilege to support cancer awareness, veterans, families, and children.

Continually Blessed and Thankful for your support,

Scates Team

The point is not to pay back kindness, but to pass it on. – Julie Alvery

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